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  • ​European Schools' 60th anniversary (1953-2013) [2013]
    Browse our brochure on line or download it in a PDF format.

  • Schola europaea 1953-2003: ​European Schools' 50th anniversary [2003]
    Download (PDF, 4MB)

  • General Brochure about the European Schools [2000]
    A summary presentation of the European Schools system: origins, curricula, structures, etc. 
    Please note that this brochure has historical value. For current and up-to-date information, please refer to this website.​

  • Schola europaea 1953-1993: ​European Schools' 40th anniversary [1993]
    Download (PDF, 7MB)

  • Schola europaea 1953-1978: ​European Schools' 25th anniversary [1978]
    Download (PDF, 15MB)

  • Schola europaea luxemburgensis 1953-1963: ​European School, Luxembourg's 10th anniversary [1963]
    Download (PDF, 13MB, German version)

  • Panorama, the European Schools magazine
    The European Schools provide a special forum for the pedagogical traditions and methods of all European countries.
    In Panorama, the European Schools' magazine, the teaching staff and managers of the schools explain how they reinvent their way of working to adapt to the cultural and linguistic diversity of their school population.