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May 2019 

June 2019 
Friday14 JuneCentral Enrolment Authority
Monday 17 JuneBoard of Inspectors (Secondary)

July 2019 
Wednesday10 JulyCentral Enrolment Authority
Thursday 18 July Complaints Board public hearing
Friday19 July Complaints Board public hearing

August 2019 
Wednesday28 AugustCentral Enrolment Authority
September 2019 
Friday13 SeptemberAdministrative Board Alicante
Monday16 SeptemberAdministrative Board Munich
Tuesday17 SeptemberAdministrative Board Karlsruhe
Wednesday18 SeptemberAdministrative Board Frankfurt
Thursday19 SeptemberAdministrative Board Brussels IV
Monday23 SeptemberAdministrative Board Varese
Tuesday24 SeptemberAdministrative Board Brussels I
Wednesday25 SeptemberAdministrative Board Luxembourg II
Monday30 SeptemberAdministrative Board Brussels II

October 2019 
Tuesday1 OctoberAdministrative Board Brussels III
Wednesday2 OctoberAdministrative Board Bergen
Thursday3 OctoberAdministrative Board Mol
Friday4 OctoberAdministrative Board Luxembourg I
Tuesday8 OctoberBoard of Inspectors (Primary)
Board of Inspectors (Secondary)
Wednesday9 OctoberJoint Board of Inspectors
Thursday10 OctoberJoint Teaching Committee
Friday11 OctoberJoint Teaching Committee
Thursday17 OctoberComplaints Board public hearing

November 2019 
Tuesday5 NovemberBudgetary Committee
Wednesday6 NovemberBudgetary Committee

December 2019 
Wednesday3 DecemberBoard of Governors (Head of Delegations)
Non-enlarged Board of Governors
Enlarged Board of Governors
Wednesday4 DecemberEnlarged Board of Governors
Thursday5 DecemberEnlarged Board of Governors

January 2020 

February 2020 
Tuesday11 FebruaryBoard of Inspectors (Primary)
Board of Inspectors (Secondary)
Wednesday12 FebruaryJoint Board of Inspectors
Thursday13 FebruaryJoint Teaching Committee
Friday14 FebruaryJoint Teaching Committee

March 2020
Tuesday10 MarchBudgetary Committee
Wednesday11 MarchBudgetary Committee

April 2020 
Wednesday15 AprilBoard of Governors (Head of Delegations)
Non-enlarged Board of Governors
Enlarged Board of Governors
Thursday16 AprilEnlarged Board of Governors
Friday17 AprilEnlarged Board of Governors

May 2020 

June 2020 
Monday15 JuneBoard of Inspectors (Secondary)

July 2020 

August 2020