Syllabuses and Attainment descriptors

The syllabuses of all the language sections are – with the exception of mother tongue – identical and the same standards are required to be met. All the syllabuses followed in the different sections lead up to the same examination: the European Baccalaureate.

To guarantee recognition of the European Baccalaureate certificate, syllabuses have to meet at least the minimum requirements of all the member states. Since these vary from country to country, syllabuses are designed and written after negotiations between national experts – more particularly the members of the Boards of Inspectors – on the basis of detailed comparison of national curricula.

The syllabuses are then approved by the Joint Teaching Committee of the European Schools, which is the pedagogical supervisory authority.
In general, syllabuses are reviewed and revised every ten years. Minor changes may, however, be made at any time.

The syllabuses are available in the list below. Use several filters (left column) to narrow your search. Then click on the program reference number (in blue in the right column) to open the syllabus in PDF format.

The attainment descriptors are available by selecting ‘Attainment Descriptors’ under ‘Subject-Details’ in the left column, then by selecting at least a cycle, a subject and, if applicable, a language course. Please note that some Attainment Descriptors are published as a chapter of the syllabus itself. If you do not find an Attainment Descriptor here, look for further information on the cover of the syllabus.

Due to a technical problem, the syllabuses and attainment descriptors are temporarily unavailable.

Please send your requests to specifying the desired subject, year level (P3, S5,...) and language version.
The syllabuses listed below are valid for the 2020-21 school year.
For the S7 syllabuses withdrawn for 2020-21, but still in force for the autumn session of the European Baccalaureate, see here :
[news of 31 July]

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