Invitation to submit applications for posts:

Vacancies are published in March-June on the website and professional websites for teachers.

Candidates should send their written applications to the Ministry of Education and Science. Teachers are selected by the Selection Committee (the Head of the Polish Delegation, secondary and primary inspectors for the European Schools, two representatives of the Department of International Affairs, a representative of the Department of General Education) after scrutiny of the written application and an interview.

The Ministry of Education and Science takes the decision to appoint candidates on the basis of the Committee’s recommendations.

Candidates must:
- have a university degree in their subject(s) and the pedagogical preparation certificate further to the ordinance of the Ministry of National Education of 1st August 2017 (Dz. U. z 2020 r. poz. 1289),
- have a very good knowledge of at least one vehicular language, preferably that of the administration of the school in question.

For additional information contact the following:

- Secondary school posts:
Mrs. Urszula LACZYNSKA
Centre for Development of Polish Education Abroad
tel: +48 22 622 37 92
- Primary school posts:
Centre for Development of Polish Education Abroad
tel: +48 534 866 966