​Candidates for the position of the seconded teacher in European Schools need to meet the following criteria:

  • candidates need to have Croatian citizenship, and be in good health for the job posting that they apply for
  • candidates need to be professors of Croatian language, in accord with the Primary and Secondary School Education Act (Official Gazette, Nos. 87/08, 86/09, 92/10, 105/10, 90/11, 5/12, 16/12, 86/12, 126/12, 94/13, 152/14, 07/17, 68/18, 98/19, 64/20 and 151/22)
  • candidates need to have passed the official state exam
  • candidates need to know the foreign language or languages stated as necessary for the job posting.

The application form will be published on the Ministry’s webpage http://www.mzo.hr, and with it the applicants are required to send:

  • CV
  • a copy of diploma
  • a copy of personal ID
  • electronic form or a notice from the Croatian Pension Insurance Institute
  • certificate of residence in Croatia
  • Criminal Record Certificate (not older than 6 months)

For more information:
Contact details of Croatian delegation members are:
Primary Inspector: Ms Katarina GRGEC - katarina.grgec@inspector.eursc.eu
Secondary Inspector: Ms Nataša Lovrić - natasa.lovric@inspector.eursc.eu