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Hellenic Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs
General Directorate for International, European Affairs, Education for Greeks Abroad and Intercultural Education
Directorate for the Education for Greeks Abroad, Intercultural Education, European and Minority Schools
Department of European Schools
Webpage: www.minedu.gov.gr
Email: euroschools@minedu.gov.gr

Contact persons:
Mr. Elias Tolias, Head of the Department
Tel.: +30 210 344 2302 (office)
Mobile: +30 6979584485
Email: itolias@minedu.gov.gr

Ms. Aikaterini Chalkiadaki
Tel.: +30 210 344 2294
Email: achalkiadaki@minedu.gov.gr

Ms. Konstantina Poulopoulou
Tel.: +30 210 344 2294
Email: konstantinapoul@minedu.gov.gr


Head of Greek Delegation of the European Schools: 
Mr. Konstantinos BATSILAS
Phone: +30-697-7204066
Email : bakon@otenet.gr


Greek National Inspectors
Nursery and Primary:
Ms. Varvara NIKA, 1st Center for Interdisciplinary Evaluation, Counselling and Support of Anatoliki Attiki/ (1o K.E.D.A.S.Y OF ANATOLIKI ATTIKI) 
Mobile: + 30 6944 417867
Email : Varvara.NIKA@inspector.eursc.eu
Personal email: nikavarvara@gmail.com

Ms. Margarita KALOGRIDOU, Educational Coordinator, 5th Regional Center of Educational Planning of Attica 
Mobile: +30 694 78390 48
Email: Margarita.KALOGRIDOU@inspector.eursc.eu
Personal email: mkalogri@gmail.com