​Candidates need to be particularly well suited to the job of teacher in the European Schools. They must be prepared to show above-average pedagogical and personal commitment that goes well beyond the classroom. They must have passed both state examinations (university degree level) which are a statutory requirement for the teaching profession, or be in possession of an equivalent qualification from the new Länder (States), and after the second state examination must have performed in an above-average way for at least two years in the teaching category of the position to be filled. Their performance must at least fully meet the requirements, as attested by an official appraisal report to be written by the education authority which employs them. 

The application is considered by the Education Ministry of the relevant Land. Should the applicant be deemed suitable, the application is forwarded to the Federal Office of Administration (the coordinating office for school education abroad), which files the application in the applications register. Then the German inspector in charge of Nursery/Primary or Secondary contacts the suitable candidates.
The procedure is similar for nursery school educators who are interested in working in the Nursery cycle of the European Schools. They need an assessment from their public employer and a commitment to take time off. If the educator is suitable, the employer sends the application (curriculum vitae, assessment, leave of absence) at the European School to the Federal Administration Office - Central Office for Schools Abroad.
The rest of the procedure is the same as for teachers.

The inspector makes a recommendation regarding the post in a European School to be filled after reaching a decision on the basis of selection interviews conducted by him/her with the designated applicants. His/her appointment recommendation is sent to the Education Ministry of the Land in question. 

Following official granting of leave of absence by the Education Ministry of the Land the teacher appointed to fill a post in a European School takes up his/her position.​

 For information about job vacancies: birgit.schumacher@senbjf.berlin.de.