Applicants must be particularly suited to work as a teacher in the European Schools. They must be prepared to show above-average pedagogical and personal commitment which goes well beyond teaching. They must have passed both State Examinations or have an equivalent qualification from the Länder and, after the Second State Examination, have proven themselves for at least two years in the teaching profession required for the placement with above-average results. In the third year of their employment, teachers may apply for exemption through the official channels (to the Federal Office for Foreign Affairs - Central Agency for Schools Abroad, BfAA-ZfA). Their performance must at least fully meet the requirements, as evidenced by a performance appraisal to be prepared by the superior school supervisory authority.

The application is examined by the Ministry of Education of the respective federal state. In case of the applicant's suitability, the application will be forwarded to the BfAA-ZfA, which will include the application documents in the applicant file. The Inspector for the Nursery and Primary cycles or the Inspector for the Secondary cycle of the European Schools will contact suitable applicants on the basis of the application file.

The procedure is similar for nursery educators willing to work in the European Schools. They need an assessment from their public employer as well as a commitment for a leave of absence. If the educator is suitable, the employer sends the application (curriculum vitae, assessment, leave of absence) for work at the European School to the BfAA-ZfA.
The further procedure is the same as for teachers.

The responsible inspector decides on the proposal to fill the position at a European School after conducting selection interviews with the nominated applicants. After an interview of the interested teacher with the selected European School and the agreement of all parties involved (school management, inspectorate, teacher), the inspector sends the application for leave of absence via official channels to the competent authorities of the respective federal state (including the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs of the respective federal state). The application procedure takes about 6-12 months.

By means of a leave of absence decree of the Ministry of Education of the federal state, the teacher nominated to work at a European School enters the service of the school (up to nine years of leave of absence).

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