Application invitation:

A call for applications for vacant positions is published on the website of the Ministry of Education and Science,
Candidates are invited to submit their applications to the Ministry of Education and Science.

Teachers to be seconded to the European Schools shall be recruited by selection procedure in accordance with the application procedures and conditions laid down in the call for applications.
The Selection Committee shall be composed of: the Deputy Minister for Education and Science in charge of secondary education, the Director of the Directorate for Secondary Education and Head of Delegation of the Board of Governors of the European Schools, the Inspector for the nursery and primary cycle or the Inspector for the secondary cycle (as appropriate) and other experts as appropriate.
Following the selection interviews, the Selection Committee proposes candidates to the Minister of Education and Science who appoints the teachers selected for secondment to the European Schools.

Head of the Bulgarian Delegation of the European Schools:
E. Kostadinova
Phone : +359 (0)2-9217446
email :
National inspectors:
Nursery and Primary cycles:
Ms. Mariya Barganova
email :
Secondary cycle:
Mr. Ilia Iliev
email :