What is an accredited European school?

Accredited European Schools are schools which offer a European education that meets the pedagogical requirements laid down for the European Schools but within the framework of the national school networks of the Member States. Accredited European Schools are thus outside the legal, administrative and financial framework to which the European Schools are compulsorily subject.

Why open/set up accredited schools on EU territory?

Since 2005, on the basis of the recommendations from the European Parliament, the European Schools have opened up their curricula and the European Baccalaureate to national schools.
Allowing schools in the Member States to provide a European education leading, in some cases, to the European Baccalaureate facilitates mobility by offering a multilingual and multicultural education to the children of staff of European institutions located in places where it is not possible for this education to be offered in fully-fledged European Schools.

What are the different types of schools that offer a European education ?

All accredited European schools are linked to the European Schools system by an Accreditation Agreement (see the accred​itation procedure​). The administration and the funding of an accredited European school are the responsibility of the school’s host Member State. 
The place where an accredited European school is to be sited is proposed by the Member State, which applies to open this school in its national territory. Some accredited European schools are directly linked to European institutions or agencies whilst others are simply national schools where the Member State has supported an application for accreditation.

​Which Schools are already accredited?

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