​​​​​​​​The Office of the Secretary-General

The Office of the Secretary-General performs executive management duties and provides the schools with advice and assistance in pedagogical, administrative, financial, legal and human resources issues. 

The Office also provides administrative assistance and services to the different working groups and or​gans of the system, such as the Boards of Inspectors, the Joint Teaching Committee, the Budgetary Committee and the Board of Governors.  

Enrolm​ents for the four Schools in Brussels are managed by the Central Enrolment Authority, whose administration is handled by the Office.

The Office of the Secretary-General employs around 90 staff members.
The Office is made up of Un​its.​ ​

The Secretary-General of the European Schools
  • represents the Board of Governors;
  • directs and organises the work of the Office;
  • has decision-making power according to the statutes and reg​ulations
  • chairs the Admini​strative Boards of the European Schools and in that capacity coordinates implementation of the autonomy of the European Schools;
  • organises the a​ccreditation procedure for Accredited European Schools;
  • guarantees the coherence and smooth operation of the European schooling system and of the Europea​​n Baccal​aureate in accordance with the political decisions and policy guidelines of the Board of Governors, within the limits of the budget allocated;
  • presents an annual rep​ort to the Board of Governors on the system's operation and performance and formulates proposals as part of a multi-annual plan;
  • ensures the transparency and efficiency of the procedures and the quality of the services;
  • participates in the selection and evaluation of management staff.

Andreas Beckmann
  Andreas Beckmann

The Deputy Secretary-General of the European Schools

The role and duties of the Deputy Secretary-General can be broken down into two main areas:

  • ​Assistance to the Secretary-General
  • Authorising officer for the section of the budget relating to the Office of the Secretary-General


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