Each School manages its own enrolment. Applications for enrolment must be sent to the School in which you wish to enrol your children. The Office of the Secretary-General of the European Schools does not have enrolment forms.
For more information about enrolment, please consult the website of the ​​School​ you are interested in.   
For the Brussels European Schools, the enrolment application must be submitted to the school in which you wish to enrol your child. 
However, any administrative decision concerning enrolments in Brussels may be taken only by the Central Enrolment Authority. 
For further information:

Policy on enrolm​ent in the Brussels European Schools
Policy on enrolment in the Luxembourg European Schools: see
Admission Criteria of the European School, Munich
​All European Schools
​Framework for the Enrolment of Ukrainian Pupils (2024/25 school year)


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