Candidates for the position of the seconded teacher in European Schools need to meet the following criteria:

  • candidates need to have Croatian citizenship, and be in good health for the job posting that they apply for
  • candidates need to be professors of Croatian language, in accord with the Primary and Secondary School Education Act (Official Gazette, Nos. 87/08, 86/09, 92/10, 105/10, 90/11, 5/12, 16/12, 86/12, 126/12, 94/13, 152/14 et 68/18)
  • candidates need to have passed the official state exam
  • candidates need to know the foreign language or languages stated as necessary for the job posting.

The application form will be published on the Ministry’s webpage, and with it the applicants are required to send:

  • CV
  • a copy of diploma
  • a copy of personal ID
  • electronic form or a notice from the Croatian Pension Insurance Institute
  • language proficiency certificate for the required foreign language (except for candidates that have a foreign language degree)
  • certificate of residence in RH
  • Criminal Record Certificate (not older than 6 months)

For more information:
Contact details of Croatian delegation members are:
Primary Inspector: [tba]
Secondary Inspector: M. Darko TOT -